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  1. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    So I'm 17 years old, have been hunting and shooting for a while now, and would just feel more comfortable during archery season if I could carry a handgun for protection only. Had multiple run ins with bear, but have had a rifle or shotgun each time and had no problems with them being...
  2. Concealed Carry
    Hello mates I've heard a lot of different things concerning obtaining a CCW while active duty. I am a Marine in North Carolina and need to get my CCW. I have been told Florida will do a non resident one and its as easy as sending in a photo of your military ID and the Form. Does anyone know...
  3. General Gun Discussion
    Hello! I am a gun enthusiast who has a question. Lets say there is a spy. He needs a small pistol that is concealable, and hopefully with a threaded barrel for a suppressor. A spy should not have to shoot his targets more than twice, and even so, is much better to have to only score one hit...
  4. Concealed Carry
    So I'm pretty bored right now and have always been entertained by gun stories where you had to pull and/or shoot. So if anyone is willing to entertain me and everyone else that sees this with a good story, please feel free to post a comment with your story. :machinegun:
  5. General Gun Discussion
    I'm looking to buy a Glock for concealed carry and was wondering which one I should get. I'm looking into the G19 and the G26, here's a G26 I'm interested in. Link Removed As Per Forum Rules Opinions?
  6. Concealed Carry
    I've newly discovered that the Commercial Appeal, a Memphis based news publisher, has created a database that allows anyone and everyone to see who has a concealed carry permit in Tennessee. It displays name, address, date of birth, and when you first got your permit/when it expires. I, for one...
1-6 of 7 Results