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concealed carry holsters

  1. Clinger Holsters

    Concealed Carry
    Does anybody here use any holsters by Clinger Holsters for concealed carry? I was checking them out online, just curious on some feedback before I made the purchase.
  2. Concealed Carry Holsters and Handbags for women

    Concealed Carry
    Hi All, I am new here, and tbh new to guns. I wanted to share an article though for concealed carrying options mainly for women like myself. This is a really important article for women because it offers suggestions and products to conceal their weapon, and also how to protect themselves from...
  3. How to choose a holster

    Firearm Accessories
    Hey everyone. My name is Spencer, I'm new to the forums here! I've been lurking around and there are some really great discussions and a ton of great information here. So first thank you for being a great resource for firearm owners. I want to help my friends and family choose a holster that's...
  4. What is the best concealed carry gun for women?

    Concealed Carry
    I am trying to find the right holster for women. Maybe you guys can help me find the right one. I know holster preference is going to differ from person to person but I just need to hear your suggestions. What is the best concealed carry gun for women? Thanks.
  5. VersaCarry- Worlds first zero bulk IWB Holster

    Concealed Carry
    Anyone new to concealed carry, check out They have a great product. They offer different sizes to accomadate just about any semi Automatic and now, revolver. I gave versacarry a shot and I'm really impressed. Its truely a conceal holster. Check out their website. They have...
  6. Concealed Carry Holsters

    Concealed Carry
    So many options out there for concealed carry. Here's a new holster I found.. Link Removed Please read the rules. You may not post links until you have 15 substantive posts Cindy