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  1. Another Range Visit, G43x and Colt Police .38

    Shooting Reports
    It was a chilly, but manageable, 24° and sunny today, decided I would hit the range before the snowfall tomorrow. I brought the Glock 43x, my EDC, and my Colt Highway Patrol .38 special. I used different targets than usual, they're the same size, but with a smaller bullseye and tighter scoring...
  2. Colt M45 cerakote & ion-bond USMC roll slide pricing/appraisal.

    Collectors Corner
    Trying to see if anyone can orient me in the right direction. I have two Colt 1911 with the "COLT *** USMC" marked on the slide. I am the first and original owner of both of the pistols which came directly from Colt. The cerakote pistol was purchased before Colt was told to remove "COLT ***...
  3. Inherited a colt pistol "BISLEY 38 WCF"

    Collectors Corner
    Thanks for the great info everyone. I'm getting it appraised and professionally cleaned. Also going to get the history of it from Colt.
  4. UMC ammo for Colt 1903 hammerless

    New Members Introduction
    inherited my grandmother's 1903 Colt hammerless. I asked my husband to pick me up some 32 ammo, but forgot to mention the acp detail. He bought me 32 Remington UMC, center fire, fmj. Does it matter that they aren't marked "ACP"? Is this just a stupid question? Still like to know, though. My...
  5. New Member from New Orleans

    New Members Introduction
    Hey everyone. My name is Chris. I'm just a dude from New Orleans that is looking for a community I can talk to when I have questions or when I want peoples opinions on building my collection. I currently have an HK MP5 SD 22lr. and an IWI Tavor in OD green with the 18" barrel and lug for a...
  6. Questions regarding colt's le6920 magpul series

    General Gun Discussion
    I'm looking at getting another AR, so naturally I was drawn to Colt. I've made my final decision on getting the LE6920, but there's one thing to that. I want to upgrade my AR, with mostly MAGPUL items. And on Colt's website, they have two models of the LE6920 with MAGPUL furniture. I figure why...
  7. Vintage / old leather gun holster by RAU Fastener Co. Out of providence RI. Need Info

    Firearm Accessories
    Hi, purchased this holster a while back and was hoping to get some info on it. It was manufactured by Rau fastener co out of providence RI , or that's at least what the snaps say. The holster is quite large measuring at 10" X 4" at the longest and widest point. The holster obviously has a hole...
  8. Choosing a Concealed Carry Gun for a Woman

    Concealed Carry
    Hello, I recently recieved my pistol permit & am in the process of choosing my very first gun, which will be used for concealed carrying. I'm only 5'1" so I'm trying to find a small gun, but one that will still work great for defense. I've been renting what I can at a range to test before...
  9. Best First Handgun?

    General Gun Discussion
    I know I'm only 18 but I still want to know what my first handgun should be when I can get one. I don't want a run-of-the-mill M1911 or M9. Something with a bit more character as a first handgun. Something unique and uncommon. I've put down a couple handguns that really caught my eye for one...
  10. colt/walther 1911-22 questions

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Hey, I am brand new to the forum and this is my first post. I am considering buying the colt/walther 1911-22. I am just curious about how long the gun will last me and how customizable it is. Can you change the grips, trigger, hammer, etc. With parts for a standard 1911? thanks, frank
  11. 2 favs

    Gun Related Pictures
    Not only are they fun to shoot, but I can stare at these for long periods of that wrong?
  12. Combat Commander Question

    General Gun Discussion
    I recently received this Colt Combat Commander .45 from my grandfather; After I looked around for info, I couldn't find one with a similar color scheme. Is this two seperate commanders mixed and matched? Any additional information would be appreciated. If you can't read it, SN begins with 70SC.
  13. Fun day with the 1903 Colt .32, amongst others...

    Shooting Reports
    Well, I decided it would be a good day to go to the ole firing range on the family farm. Just finishing up my last semester of summer classes at college, firing off some rounds at some used textbooks that the bookstore would not take back, gave me some much needed satisfaction. First up on the...
  14. 1903 Colt .32 Type I

    Collectors Corner
    Ok, so I inherited my great grandfather's 1903 Colt .32, and I love the little gun. It has definitely been used quite a bit in it's existence, worn and faded, scratched, carried, and loved. The only thing that I could possibly wish to replace on this weapon is the barrel. It has become pitted...
  15. HELP! Question related to the Colt .38 Super CC

    General Gun Discussion
    Was cleaning my pistol last tuesday after coming back from the range, and had a few friends over. Well, apparently one of them thought I and they would get a good kick out of putting a empty bullet casing (shell) into the chamber and closing it. Now it seems I can't get it nor can I even pull...