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  1. General Gunsmithing
    I'm working on a Charles Daly 3" Field and I have everything put together except for the trigger spring. I've tried several ways and I can not get it to work. Anyone have any idea's or pics of how it sits. Thanks.
  2. Shotgun Discussion
    I recently purchased a Charles Daly Pump 12 Gauge Shotgun. It says 3" Field on the barrel. Examining the barrel it's not rifled (no spiraling) and appears to be smooth (smooth bore?). I'm trying to figure out what type of shotgun shell to purchase for it. I assume 3", but not sure what type. I...
  3. Rifle Discussion
    I have a gun, that was given to me by a friend, and im not sure what it is, and neither is he, i need to know exact model and such to find a new clip for it? Info i do have: The rifle is made by charles daly, Charles daly field grade 22lr...
1-3 of 3 Results