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  1. New Members Introduction
    Hello, there guys I´m new in this community and would love if you visit my webpage which specializes in creating art with empty bullet casings, all handmade and open to personal attention. Edited to remove commercial link --Wag--
  2. Rimfire Central
    Hi all, For the past few days I've been looking into buying the components of .22lr bullets so I can hand load my own. Please note I am not trying to RELOAD I'm trying to build my own. I've seen a few other people post this question on other forums but don't make the point of not...
  3. Military
    Does anyone know of an instance where a military chopper was downed because a shell casing from a gunner hit the tail rotor? This came up from a recent episode of American Guns where in the process of building a full-auto M16 for a civilian chopper ride company they placed a Casing Catcher bag...
1-3 of 3 Results