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  1. Registering a Universal M1 Carbine .30 Cal

    General Gun Discussion
    Hi guys, My dad passed away almost 20 years ago (1997) and he left behind a Universal M1 Carbine .30 Cal rifle for me. My mom is pretty sure he got it from his service in the US military but I don't know when he served nor do I know if this is completely accurate.I never got it registered...
  2. Shooting the French Berthier Carbine

    Collectors Corner
    My recent range report on the Berthier carbine. An interesting French World War I small arm, to say the least. I was just going to post my video, but I did not show any groups there. Shooting the French Berthier Carbine | Mark3smle
  3. WTB: Hi-Point .45 ACP Carbine

    Want to Buy Forum
    Heyo guys. So I was looking into getting the Hi-Point .45 ACP carbine (4595TS) and I've read many reviews saying that it is a terrible gun because it looks "ugly", and I have watched YouTube reviews of it and people say it's a great gun. My question for anyone with experience with this gun is...
  4. Mossberg MVP Patrol vs. Ruger Gunsite Scout?

    Rifle Discussion
    So - I've tried the Search, and didn't get a hit that produced quite the info I'm looking for... I've got a bit of bonus money burning a hole in my pocket (and no, I don't want to hear from any dispossessed Nigerian Princes!), and I'm looking for a general-purpose 'fun gun' that can also serve...
  5. Ruger 10/22 Carbine Questions

    Rimfire Central
    Hello I posted up a few questions in my Intro post but I thought it may be better off in the Rimfire Section. I got a Ruger 10/22 with a black composite stock and stainless barrel. It is a fun gun to shoot and go plinking with but it is nothing to look at. I am also wanting a little more...
  6. M4/M16/AR15 Conversions?? LEGAL?

    Firearm Accessories
    So I've found these parts (link below) that can supposedly convert semi-automatic Assault Rifles into fully automatic ones. Excuse me for my unawareness, but the glaring question is: IS THIS LEGAL? Link Removed as per forum Rules
  7. Interchangable magazines? Beretta Cx4/Px4

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I am interested in buying a Cx4 Storm carbine, mostly for my wife. I do not care for the low capacity (8 round) magazines that it is equipped with, but I like the idea of our household stocking one kind of pistol ammunition and giving my wife a hand gun and a carbine with interchangeable...