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  1. Savage 110 Caliber Question

    Rifle Discussion
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum not necessarily new to guns haven't done a whole lot of shooting in my life but am rapidly getting more involved in it. I am planning on treating myself this Christmas to a savage 110 Hunter/Trophy Hunter XP I'm almost positive I'm gonna chamber it at .308 being...
  2. Lethal Bear Defense, what's the smallest handgun caliber you'd trust?

    Hunting, Archery, Camping, & Others
    A few friends at work were talking about bears in the woods and it got me thinking: what's the smallest handgun caliber you'd trust to take down a bear (say a black bear, a brown bear, and a grizzly) in a self defense situation? I always figured that a .44 Magnum would do the trick for all...
  3. Is the bullet supposed to be wedged in the barrel?

    Rifle Discussion
    So I bought a Savage Axis II XP two days ago, chambered in .308 Winchester. Everything is fine.. bolt, trigger (especially the Accutrigger :wink:), and cycling is well, pretty solid for a "budget rifle". However, I noticed that sometimes the cartridge wouldn't extract, which led me to think that...
  4. Online Research: Which Caliber would be better for a Bolt-Action Rifle .223 or .308?

    General Gun Discussion
    I have been doing my own person research online for the different calibers, and well I am even though I am not currently a Gun Owner myself I was curious as to what other Firearm owners would have to say about this. Basically I was looking at maybe down the road for 1 Bolt Action Rifle, and a...
  5. Selection Caliber Size for New Rifle.

    Rifle Discussion
    Hello, I am new to the forums and will be a first time gun owner very shortly. I plan on getting a Remington 700 but it comes in different caliber sizes. Background information: I won't be using this for hunting or killing anything unless I have a problem with woodchucks or other animals...
  6. Calibre Recommendation

    Rifle Discussion
    I'm looking into getting into some long range shooting and I'm pretty keen on the Remington 700 as my starting gun but I'm torn between .243 Winchester .308 and .30-06. What do people recommend. It should be noted that the range I shoot at goes up to 1200 yards and when I get good enough I'd...
  7. Advice on a new AR

    General Gun Discussion
    I've been doing a lot research lately about getting a new gun. I'm looking at getting an AR style gun, and I've had a lot of questions that I think only experience will truly be able to answer. I'm young so I have time to grow and get different rifles, but for the most part the rifle will be...
  8. New Guy needs to buy new rifle set up for Moose hunting in Quebec. Please help me out

    Rifle Discussion
    First off I’m open to your suggestions. These are only ideas that I have come up with thus far as a starting point. I’m new to all of this and needed somewhere to start from. Situation:I have an opportunity to go Moose hunting for my first time this November in Quebec. I don’t currently own...
  9. Ammo Collection

    Shooting Reports
    I am trying to put together a complete collection of every caliber ammo known to man. This collection will be donated to the NRA once complete. Our hope is to have the collection travel across the nation with NRA functions and rallies. It will be a recruiting tool, as well as a symbol of...
  10. Revolver caliber?

    Revolver Discussions
    Hey guys, I'm new to revolvers. I own a Glock G17, SIG P210, ... but I don't have a revolver. While working on the farm I have to protect cattle, gates, shoot sick animals and stuff. And I though a revolver is handy to have due to its reliability, accuracy and ready-to-shoot-mode. So I ask you...
  11. Best Full-Size Glock?

    General Gun Discussion
    I'm thinking about buying a glock, I already know i want it to be full-sized, I just don't know which models have the best bang for the buck. I'm currently leaning towards the .40 caliber but can be persuaded to go otherwise.
  12. specific questions about lever rifles (kinda long-winded, sorry)

    Rifle Discussion
    First off let me say I know nothing about guns (other than safety and how to shoot them), but I know how to research, so I've been doing that. So, I want to buy my first gun, and probably my ONLY gun for a long time. I am very attracted to leverguns, so that is what I will be getting. It will...
  13. Bullets on Parade

    General Gun Discussion
    Got an email from a chess set company that makes their pieces out of REAL CALIBERS, from solid brass and aluminum. I can make out the 9mm for the pawn and the 30-06 for the king, but what are the other ones? found it at