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  1. Why is the thickness of the inner wall of the bullet different?[Pics]

    General Gun Discussion
    Hey all, So I am new for shooting and guns and I've just got some bullets 308 WIN 155 gr BTHP. Surprisingly, I found that the thickness of the inner wall of the bullets of those metallic cartridges are all different(like the pictures shown below). Is this some kind of mechanics miracle or what...
  2. Is the bullet supposed to be wedged in the barrel?

    Rifle Discussion
    So I bought a Savage Axis II XP two days ago, chambered in .308 Winchester. Everything is fine.. bolt, trigger (especially the Accutrigger :wink:), and cycling is well, pretty solid for a "budget rifle". However, I noticed that sometimes the cartridge wouldn't extract, which led me to think that...
  3. What gun has bullet like this?

    General Gun Discussion
    Tom Hardy's has a bullet necklace on the picture. I was an amateur shooter but I can't recognize this bullet. Can you name what gun has it or what bullet is this? (Somebody knows this bullet necklace?)
  4. Bullet identification please

    General Gun Discussion
    I hope someone can help with identifying a bullet, I was on the thames foreshore yesterday and found a bullet the markings on it are 303 fabius hf there may be another letter after the f its a little worn the f in fabius possibly could be a e as its worn, the bullet has a drilled out point...
  5. .223 for Deer Hunting, Need Advice

    Rifle Discussion
    As of the last couple of months I've had a cast on my right wrist (I'm right handed and awaiting surgery) resulting from a football hit. I've decided that the slug gun that I normally hunt with will be too much recoil on my arm during the healing process. I will be hunting the upcoming Wisconsin...
  6. Friend found these old bullets from his backyard

    Rifle Discussion
    Hi! Can anyone identify these old bullets I tried to google them but didn't found the exact match. Markings: 2 929 SMI 18 Really like to know :) Cheers!
  7. What is the best 9mm bullet to stop someone but not travel?

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I'm new to all this. Can someone help me with the best 9mm ammo that will stop someone without a lot of travel afterwards. I'm always concerned about what is in the other room or across the street if I get in a situation.