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  1. Brass Scratching when chambering a round in Sig P365

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello everyone, I am a fairly new gun owner and I just ran into a problem with my Sig P365 that I have been unable to find information about. I recently cleaned and lubed my P365 and at the end of my function check I loaded a mag and racked the slide repeatedly in order to cycle through my ammo...
  2. Brass Screwdriver Set

    General Gun Discussion
    For working on areas that you really don’t want to scratch, there is a brass screwdriver set I’ve discovered: “Maxam 13pc Screwdriver/Wrench Kit with Brass Bits” Amazon, EBay, Wal-Mart (online), Sears and Newegg... (etc.) have them.
  3. Brass Record

    General Gun Discussion
    Since I first fired my friends 1911 a couple years back, I have been keeping a "brass record" (a collection of 1 shell from each calibur I fire) to keep track of ammunition I have had experience with. Since then I have fired .22lr, 7.62x25 tokarev, .38 sp (my revolver), .40 s&w, .45acp, .44 mag...
  4. Bullets on Parade

    General Gun Discussion
    Got an email from a chess set company that makes their pieces out of REAL CALIBERS, from solid brass and aluminum. I can make out the 9mm for the pawn and the 30-06 for the king, but what are the other ones? found it at