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  1. Cheap Bolt Action Recommendation?

    Rifle Discussion
    I want to buy my first gun and I want a bolt action rifle. I want the gun to be cheap, but more importantly I want the ammo to be cheap. I want a larger caliber like a .308. I have several hours of shooting experience and I loved shooting my father's Mouser .308 the other day, which is what I'm...
  2. Online Research: Which Caliber would be better for a Bolt-Action Rifle .223 or .308?

    General Gun Discussion
    I have been doing my own person research online for the different calibers, and well I am even though I am not currently a Gun Owner myself I was curious as to what other Firearm owners would have to say about this. Basically I was looking at maybe down the road for 1 Bolt Action Rifle, and a...
  3. Cleaning Kit Recommendations???

    Firearm Accessories
    Heyo people! I couldn't find exactly where to put this, but the General Gun Discussion seems the best place for it. I have a Mossberg Model 46M(b) that I'm trying to fix, and it has been over 20 years since it was last cleaned. Yesterday (9/16) I took most of it apart and wiped it clean with...
  4. Need Help Identifying this Antique Rifle

    Collectors Corner
    Hello, My Grandmother passed away semi recently, she was an antique dealer and some what of a hoarder. So among many old things we have inherited there is this old rifle. I wanted to ask and see if someone here could tell me what it is and how old it could be. Thanks ! (This site...
  5. Mossberg MVP Patrol vs. Ruger Gunsite Scout?

    Rifle Discussion
    So - I've tried the Search, and didn't get a hit that produced quite the info I'm looking for... I've got a bit of bonus money burning a hole in my pocket (and no, I don't want to hear from any dispossessed Nigerian Princes!), and I'm looking for a general-purpose 'fun gun' that can also serve...
  6. Big Guns - Looking for wisdom

    General Gun Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and seek some advise. I am looking to really step-up my shooting as well as caliber and pick up a great new rifle. I have spent years at the range and since I was young started with airsoft, air rifles and 22’s. Also have shot a lot of 308 and some 50...
  7. New member from Michigan

    New Members Introduction
    Hey all! I posted last night, asking for help with a gun import issue, and one of the (very quick) people to respond mentioned I should introduce myself, so here it is: I live in and attend college in Michigan, and so far only have two guns, a very cheap .22 bolt-action something-or-other, and...