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  1. Rifle Discussion
    Hello. as stated in a previous post, im a european looking for advice. I´ll be moving to austria soon, which has a lot more lax firearm laws than germany, and i´m putting together a "loadout" of sorts, just to see what it the cost would amount to. Austrias license system works like this: 2...
  2. Shooting Reports
    It is me again, "the smartest sniper dude at the gun show that's never shot past 300yrds;" here for another installment of, One Shot Never Beyond 300 Yards! Just because most people here will not shoot passed 300 yards, is by no means a reason to not learn about shooting passed 300 yards. How...
  3. Rifle Discussion
    Hey all, I'm moderately interested in purchasing a decent quality bolt gun for big game hunting. I think I'm settled on .270 Winchester as the ammo of choice and my current choice is the Tikka T3X Lite, but I wanted to see if anyone had other suggestions. The requirements for the rifle are...
  4. Rifle Discussion
    I want one for hunting, and I've heard pros and cons for both. I'm debating between a Savage ba 10 stealth or a Diamondback DB-10. Both are around the same price ($950ish). The semi-auto would allow me to follow up with a second shot faster, but I've heard bolt actions are more accurate over...
  5. Rimfire Central
    Title says it all, just want to know what you guys think. It could even be a brand name. I’m not looking for a 22 for myself, just fishing for some opinions. edit: I personally like the Model 60 or a 10/22
  6. Rifle Discussion
    I have a savage arms .308 with a stainless steel barrel. I noticed after cleaning it, alot of wear and scratches on the inside of my barrel near crown. I also noticed whst looks like to be rust? Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought stainless didn't corrode. Is this any cause for worry orvis...
  7. Rifle Discussion
    So I just turned 16 and decided to start an antique firearm collection, and found a Gewehr 88 commission rifle (not Turkish). Being one of my favorite rifles, it was a perfect start. I thought I would post pictures of it as I have some questions about the gun. There are so many markings on the...
  8. General Gun Discussion
    Just a question, if I wanted to get a pretty plain bolt-action in a strange caliber, like, lets say either .50 AE or .25 ACP, who would I need to go to?
  9. General Gunsmithing
    So i designed a bolt action rifle that is hammer fired instead of a typical design. this design is geared towards being effective yet simple to build with limited tools and materials. Thoughts? Suggestions? Its intended caliber is .22 LR.
  10. General Gun Discussion
    I have recently been doing a lot of research into the new remington 700's trying to debate if I should buy one or not. This will be my first modern production rifle I own and I really would like it not to be a waist of time and money. I have read that the bores are not centered to the barrel...
  11. Shotgun Discussion
    This is an older model bolt action shotgun that ive had for quite a few years. Im not 100 percent sure of the make or model because about 90 percent of the lettering on the barrel is rubbed off, but i think its a mossberg. I would love too find a clip for it but unfortunately no one i talked too...
  12. Want to Buy Forum
    I am looking for a Mossberg Model 195 detachable magazine. It is the older bolt action 12-gauge. I found them at Halvin Sales but I am looking to see if anyone knows another place or someone selling them. Best everyone.
  13. General Gun Discussion
    For my next gun, I was thinking something I could do extreme long range shots with. I wouldnt want to spend more than $1,000 on it. I would prefer it to come with a good or decent scope and hopefully be bolt-action. I dont really like semi-auto rifles in the sense that I am all about accuracy...
  14. General Gun Discussion
    For Christmas this year, I'm 18 so me and my dad finally convinced my mom to let me have my own rifle. I wanted a .308 but my dad insisted on a .30-06. But as it is for pretty much everyone nowadays, money is tight. We had to buy a budget rifle. It was between the Ruger American Rifle, Mossberg...
  15. Shotgun Discussion
    Okay so im having some difficulty figuring out an affordable way to put a picatinny rail and red dot on my gun. Its a western auto bolt action. 410, and I use it mostly for firing slugs. The bead sight just isn't doing it for me. I want to put a small single rail right on top of the action, but...
  16. Rifle Discussion
    I'm looking for a bolt action rifle, preferably in .223 around the $300 - $550 range. I won't be hunting with it at all, just shooting at the range. Oh, and I also prefer it to have iron sights. Thanks.
1-16 of 17 Results