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body armor

  1. How important is magazine retention to you?

    Tactics and Training
    I was discussing plate carriers at work and I mentioned that I had a dump pouch on my weak hand side for magazine retention (primarily for partially empty mags, though it is good for other things). Some of the folks at work found this almost laughable, saying that they'd just dump their mags in...
  2. Narrowed down Rifles and Body Armor for her

    Rifle Discussion
    After a few day and a few gun shops, if narrowed my decision to 2 riflesIt's down to the Ruger Mini 14 and the Just Right Carbine 9mm (Glock Mags)I really wanna like the JRC, but even with the newer models, its $800+ price tag doesn't seem to justify its real worth. I like that it takes any...
  3. Some off the Wall Questions

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello random strangers, I have a whole bunch of silly questions related to firearms and body armor for a writing project that I'm having a hard time finding answers for. If you could throw some information back at me I would really appreciate it. 1. How resistant is modern Kevlar to...
  4. another new member

    New Members Introduction
    Just thought i would stop by and say hello. 24 year old male from nebraska that loved hunting, fishing, and shooting guns. I am really excited to be a member of this forum. Be talking with you soon.