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  1. Blackpowder
    Hi I'm having a very difficult time locating the laws on if CT considers black powder revolvers as firearms or any of the legalities on purchasing them or owning and transporting them to the gun range. We all know CT is a gun strict state. Does anyone know the following: Can you buy and own a...
  2. Blackpowder
    How To Load a Black Powder Revolver (VIDEO) - Wide Open Spaces I wrote this as a guide on loading black powder revolvers. A lot of good and bad info out there but I am coming from experience and out to clear the air.
  3. Blackpowder
    Hello All! This is my first post so I thought I would make it a contribution as opposed to asking for information/help...that will come later! I put together a little video for any first timers on how to clean their muzzle loaders. Hope it helps at least one person! Cheers!!
1-3 of 3 Results