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  1. Fishing carp, and my fishing history.

    Hello, this is my first post. I've only caught one fish in my entire life, when I was a child, and it was from the mouth of a river open to the sea. Is that fresh water or salt water? So anyway, i get this weird urge to be self sufficient and I buy a book on fishing, unfortunately without...
  2. Hello from CA! Pleasure meeting you all!

    New Members Introduction
    Hello everyone, I am a greenhorn/novice in firearms. Just recently, I visited my local gun shop to purchase a handgun for self-defense purposes (after the Dallas police shooing, I don't think anyone is safe). The DOJ certified instructor was very helpful and informative, I've learned a great...
  3. Brginner rifle

    General Gun Discussion
    Im just getting in to shooting and hunting but im on a budget so i was wondering what you guys would recomend as a first hunting rifle. I plan on hunting white tailed deer. Im loking at somthing in the .30-06 or .308 area but was also looking at .243 (is this enough for deer and antelope?) My...
  4. Good Red Dot Under $250?

    General Gunsmithing
    Hey everyone I am trying to decide, which red dot to get for my Smith and Wesson M&P15 Sport. I'm currently leaning towards buying the Vortex Sparc II, but I wanted other opinions! Let me know thanks
  5. New member eager to learn

    New Members Introduction
    Hey guys how's it going I'm new to this site but always had a real interest and respect for guns big fan of the fn five seven and m4 I'm currently in progress of joining my local police department and plan on taking some gun course at my local gun range the gun of choice I've been told to get...
  6. What should I look for when buying my first rifle

    Rifle Discussion
    I am looking for my first gun (AR-15). I grew up in a household where guns were not allowed, so I have no experience with any. I am looking for a beginner friendly rifle, for as little money as possible, that I can abuse until I learn how to properly maintain a gun. Any suggestion for a rifle...
  7. Need Help Choosing a Hand Gun! Im a Newbie!!!

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello :) I am looking for a good gun recommendation for my needs. I want to get a hand gun for protection. But first I want to be comforatable with a gun, and I plan on going to the shooting range by my house and do some target practice. So here is what I want :) : -Something Good For Target...
  8. Good Starter Gun

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Hey Everyone. I'm New to owning Firearms. I've shot them before and have been trained to use them but as far as the lingo goes I'm pretty well lost. To get to the point, I am looking to buy a Low cost Reliable Handgun that carries a mighty punch. I basically want it to take to the Range on...