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  1. Daisy 499 Champion- Buy it or build it?

    Airguns & Such
    After really enjoying shooting the Daisy Model 95 and 96 I recently resealed and resprung, it got me again thinking about the Daisy 499 Champion, aka “World’s Most Accurate BB Gun”. Vendors get ~$140.00 for a 499, but that’s a bit much for my limited airgun budget. But- I already had quite a few...
  2. Looking for full auto bb gun?

    Airguns & Such
    Hey NGF, So i'm looking for a full auto bb gun, but i can't find much cheap, or DIY plans. I just wan to shred cans, glass, and any other targets. Any ideas? Under $100 hopefully.
  3. Toddler shot by BB gun

    General Gun Discussion
    Wow, didn't think a BB gun could do so much. Hope the girl is ok.