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  1. General Gun Discussion
    6in long Thank u !
  2. General Gun Discussion
    I own a stevens model 301 20 gauge single shot, and i was wondering if it would be possible to swap the barrel of it for a 12 gauge alternative, and if it would be safe to shoot.
  3. Shotgun Discussion
    My grandpa owns a Winchester 97 that was his dad's gun, and I'm going to be trying to buy it soon, It's a 16 Ga. Brush takedown model, built in 1910-11 I believe from the research I've done so far, and my question is if a solid frame barrel would work in a takedown model? the reason I ask this...
  4. Rimfire Central
    Today I had the joy of getting my cleaning rod stuck in my barrel with the copper brush attachment. I tried hammering through but ultimately broke the rod with only about 1" sticking out, so now I have it soaking in WD-40 and pray to God I can pull it out tomorrow with some plyers. My main...
  5. Rifle Discussion
    I have a savage arms .308 with a stainless steel barrel. I noticed after cleaning it, alot of wear and scratches on the inside of my barrel near crown. I also noticed whst looks like to be rust? Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought stainless didn't corrode. Is this any cause for worry orvis...
  6. Gun Related Pictures
    I'm not quite sure what it is, but it's annoying for sure. It's keeping me from inserting a flashlight. Any thoughts? IWI Tavor 18
  7. Buy/Sell/Trade Firearm Accessories
    If you wish to advertise on the forum, please click the yellow sponsorship button at the top right of the screen. Thank you! --Wag--
  8. Shotgun Discussion
    i own a westernfield M550AD 12 Gauge Shotgun which i've been informed same comparison as a Mossberg 500 anyway i have a 2 3/4 30 inch full choke barrel which is just too long for me!!! wishing to buy a 18 1/2 barrel i have the following link below please any help or even more links can be...
  9. General Gun Discussion
    I know that a rifle with a barrel of less than 16.5 inches is a SBR. I was looking at the PPS-43C with a folding stock and a 9.5'' barrel. I was wondering, if I was to temporarily remove the stock, would I still need a SBR permit?
  10. Rifle Discussion
    Just looking for some information, as this subject is nowhere to be found anywhere on the Internet that i've seen. What are the differences, if any, between the regular round barrel for the Marlin 1895 and the Marlin 1895 with the octagonal barrel? Do the octagonal barrels have any...
  11. Want to Buy Forum
    found.... please delete topic
  12. Shotgun Discussion
    I am wondering if there is a cost benefit to shortening a shotgun barrel and refinishing it vs. just buying a shorter barrel. I like the versatility of a shotgun, and the Mossberg I'm picking up from my brother has two barrels. I can keep the slug barrel if I decide I want/need to hunt, but I...
1-12 of 14 Results