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  1. Form 4473 Background Check Inquiry

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Hi all, Thanks for checking out this post, I'm hoping to get a bit of clarification on what can be a disqualifier in purchasing a firearm. I have seen the list of reasons an individual may be denied. My specific question is related to the "domestic violence" disqualifier. In 2015 I got into...
  2. Ca 10 day background check question?

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    I have plans to go shooting with my dad on my 18th birthday. I know the owners of a local gun shop really well, and would it be legal for them to run my 10 day background check 10 days before my 19th birthday? I really want to pick up an 870 or a Mini 14 as "my" first gun (that I buy myself, as...
  3. and still waiting after all this madness

    General Gun Discussion
    hello fellow law biding gun owners!!!purchased me a springfield armory xd 45 last month jan.16th to be exact while filing out the forms etc....gentleman told me 20 days anything before then we'll call today is officially the 20th day not stressing myself just can't believe all this ruckus going...
  4. nisc background check 20 days

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello fellow law Biding Gun owners i made my purchase on a firearm the 16th of january hence all this madness and our God giving rights being threatened everyone is buying just incase of this absurb gun ban....i'm here in the state of maryland in your personal opinion do you think any gun bans...