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  1. Do yall want AMERICA to look like LONDON??????

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    check this video out. UK Protests Gun Ban - Who will ban guns next? | XRepublic and then read this article that was posted last week Gun Crime Soars in England Where Guns Are Banned - Katie Pavlich this needs to be brought to attention. if we let them take away law abiding citizens guns...
  2. 17 yr old Australian looking for a Gunsmithing apprenticeship in the US

    General Gun Discussion
    Hi all! First post on the forum so if this topic is not in the right spot, I've no argument if it is moved :) Anyway, I'm 17 years old, living in Australia and I am an Australian citizen. As the title suggests I'm looking for work as an apprenticeship over in the United States, I will need...
  3. Gun Laws and Prohibited Weapons in Sydney, Australia

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Hello All, I'm new to this Forum, but have been a reader for quite some time. I live in Australia (New South Wales), but support and donate the NRA in the US as I believe strongly in freedom and completely disagree with the way we are denied the rights to defend ourselves here in this Country...
  4. Morons

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    I think this is the place for this if not Mods can you move it Just found this on a website from back Home I just hope that the judge hearing this has a set of balls and tells these morons that you are staying right there Jailbreak jihadists sue over cell time Article from: By Byron...