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  1. Are these rifle accessories legal to have in New York?

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    New York is probably one of the most uptight states for gun control. Luckily, Sig Sauer sells NY-law-compliant rifles. However, their accessories have no word. I know foregrips are forbidden, unfortunately. The following is a list of what accessories I want...
  2. Cheap M4...?

    Rifle Discussion
    I'm looking for a cheap built but reliable M4. Right now i don't have the money to afford a custom built M4 by Red Jacket Firearms... I'm just looking for a cheap thing. Preferably in .223 Remington. I know Norinco has got a low-budget M4. But is it worth it? And do you guys have other guns in mind?
  3. (Canada) is it legal to shoot attackers

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    In Canada is it legal to shoot someone who is going to cause bodily harm to you?