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  1. New Members Introduction
    I'm new to the gun world but I've done a fair amount of research and I'm pretty set on getting a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 sport .22 LR. .22 ammo is cheap , and I won't be hunting w the gun just mostly target shooting so it should be a good gun to learn on. Everywhere I've looked online it's got...
  2. Rifle Discussion
    I've been a handgun collector and shooter for over 20 years but never owned a rifle... I want an assault rifle to have fun with. Basically take it out and shoot **** up. Would like something durable needing little maintenance. Any recommendations? AK-47 or AR-15? Anyone have experience with...
  3. Rimfire Central
    I wanted to make a .22 ruger into a ny legal assault rifle. I like the Ruger in the attachment but obviously it isn't ny legal. I wanted to get the gun as assault rifle looking as possible but still legal. That includes magazine, stock, etc. Any and all suggestions are welcome. If you dont know...
  4. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    If I build my own AK-47 from parts, do I have to register it? I want to build one but want to know what I have to do to be legal.
  5. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Guys please be informed and if possible contact your congressman. This should not happen. Read what happened in Australia in 1996 and you will see IT MIGHT HAPPEN HERE. "In January, Senator Feinstein will introduce a bill to stop the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of...
  6. Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Click the link below to help get this petition going. If we reach 25,000 signatures it will make its way to the white house. all we need is 150 and it will be posted on the we the people website where it is publicly viewable and it will be at the white house in no time. After signing it tell us...
  7. Firearm Accessories
    So I've found these parts (link below) that can supposedly convert semi-automatic Assault Rifles into fully automatic ones. Excuse me for my unawareness, but the glaring question is: IS THIS LEGAL? Link Removed as per forum Rules
1-7 of 7 Results