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  1. Rifle Discussion
    Im a european looking for advice. For context, ill be moving to austria soon-ish, which has more lax gun laws than where i currently live, and ive been thinking about buying a rifle. Ive landed between either a .223 wylde Ar or a .308 AR. This is due to magazine size limits, rilfes only get a...
  2. General Gun Discussion
    When I started looking into my first AR-15 8 years ago this was the biggest question I had for my self. to me it would be cheaper to buy one prebuilt but in the end knowing my self i never keep any thing stock so parts would change left and right till I had it the way i like it. When it came...
  3. Rifle Discussion
    So I’ve paired my V11 with the Romeo and Juliet sig.... I feel like I will catch some heat for that but anyway, I have it sighted at 100 but honestly just don’t feel like that’s plausible seeing that I can hardly see the shots when I’m by myself, needing a spotter. What distance would you set...
  4. General Gun Discussion
    I'm thinking of purchasing a Brigand arms carbon fiber handguard. I have a few questions for you all. Do you think carbon fiber parts are a gimmick? Would you buy a carbon fiber part such as a handguard for your AR15? Is there one part of the AR15 you believe should be Carbon Fiber?
  5. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Hi and thank you for reading to try and help me solve my issue and i am hoping we can get straight to the point with the answer to my question, I have a Barrett Rec7 10.25 inch barrel ar 15 pistol with a SB tactical SBa3-5 position BRACE. I have been wanting to get a Law tactical folding stock...
  6. Competition Shooting
    I'm hoping to compete in my first ever Run & Gun competition! It's a biathlon consisting of a 5k or a 10k with obstacles and shooting stages (I will be using my Ruger AR-556 MPR and a Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 5" 9mm pistol). Any advice would be great! I will be competing in the "Combat Class"...
  7. Rifle Discussion
    So aside from the missing full-auto firemode, is there any other difference between the AR-15 and the M16/4?
  8. Rifle Discussion
    Hey guyd, Im new here and I just built my first AR15! I ran into a problem today after getting my BCG and charging handle in the mail. I installed them both and went to pull the charging handle back to test it out. The BCG is getting stuck on the hammer and not allowing me to fully retract the...
  9. Shooting Reports
    The crush washer in front of the muzzle brake split clean thru at exactly the six o'clock position. Is this normal? What caused it? How do I keep it from happening again?
  10. Rifle Discussion
    Ive been shooting with my dad for years but want to get my first rifle on my own for my 21st in a month, I haven't shot in about two years. I wana be able to do some target plate shooting and maybe some deer hunting with this rifle at around 300-600 yards. First gun that came to mind was an ar15...
  11. Rifle Discussion
    So I'm pretty well versed on the 5.56 NATO ammunition I've been using in my M4 and I'm curious about the .223 cartridge. It's been a turn off for me for some time now just out of pure ignorance on the actual thing. I guess because it sounds like a 22, or 22LR. What is the .223 all about? Does it...
  12. General Gun Discussion
    Ok so yesterday my buddy and I went to the range for some target practice. I brought My AR15 and my buddy brought his M14. We were there for about 40 mins or so and 2 older range officers and like 3 other older dudes walked over so we greeted them said hello and how they were doing. They...
  13. Rifle Discussion
    I am looking to buy my first AR and I would like to get some expert opinions. Any comments about purchasing a kit on palmetto state armory?
  14. Rifle Discussion
    Hey Guys, New to these forums here. Just bought my wife and I each a Juggernaut Billet Lower. I am pretty new to the AR life, so I was wondering if I could get some advice on the best for value, lower parts kit. I would like to keep it under $120 for each kit, but its always helpful to spend...
  15. Rifle Discussion
    Hello everyone, was wondering which of these ARs are better for my first AR. Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II or Ruger AR 556? I read plenty of reviews and both seem to be in a deadlock (like me right now). Thanks in advance folks!
1-15 of 49 Results