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  1. General Gunsmithing
    In case if anybody have m16a1 please send me scheme or a drawing of triangular handguard. thank you
  2. General Gun Discussion
    Recently a close friend bought a used "scary black rifle" (a DPMS AR chambered in .223/.556) And I'm wondering about you're guys' opinions on the quality, toughness and reliability of the DPMS products and if there's anything better, or if there all pretty much alike. Thanks.
  3. General Gun Discussion
    I recently just finished building my first AR-15. I bought a Rock River Arms completed lower receiver, and attached a complete, 18" .223 wylde upper receiver with a included BCG and CH. I have shot 150 rounds through it so far. ZERO HANG UPS shot beautifully. when I broke it down however, I...
  4. Firearm Accessories
    I have no idea of the brand, I’m thinking it might be a tappered pin of some sort, I cannot figure this one out.
  5. General Gun Discussion
    Hey guys I'm here wondering if I should buy a Glock 17 or an AR-15 or anything else you guys can suggest. Thank you for the help
  6. Rifle Discussion
    Palmetto state armory is doing a deal on a PSA 16" MIDLENGTH MOE FREEDOM RIFLE & SPRINGFIELD XDS 9MM PISTOL W/ EXTRA GEAR PACKAGe. Yes, I copied and pasted that lol. Its a $799 package and may buddy wants the springfield so he is willing to go halvies with me, so that would make it only $400...
  7. Rifle Discussion
    I've been a handgun collector and shooter for over 20 years but never owned a rifle... I want an assault rifle to have fun with. Basically take it out and shoot **** up. Would like something durable needing little maintenance. Any recommendations? AK-47 or AR-15? Anyone have experience with...
  8. Rifle Discussion
    I am joining AROTC next year and want to get used to shooting and disassembling and reassembling a rifle close to the Army's M4. I've looked into buying one and everyone seems to say that building my own would be the best and the cheapest way of doing it. Is this true? Or I could buy the upper...
  9. Rifle Discussion
    Hi guys, first time post on this site and am about to start on my first build that I have been waiting to do after an accident kept me from doing it last year. I am just curious if anyone on here has experience or knows someone who has exeperiene with any complete lowers from Palmetto State...
  10. Rifle Discussion
    I just purchased this gun for 1700$ and apparently its a one of a kind gun. I was wondering if anyone else had seen or heard of one. The story the guy that sold me the gun told me is that the previous owner was a family member of the PWS owner and was given the gun. The gun came with a PWS hard...
  11. Firearm Accessories
    So im thinking about getting a magnifyer for my bushmaster ar-15 I have a eotech red dot sight on it and was leaning towards the magnifyer of the same brand but wanted to see if anyone knew of any other good ones that don't cost as much.
  12. Buy/Sell/Trade Firearm Accessories
    If you wish to advertise on the forum, please click the yellow sponsorship button at the top right of the screen. Thank you! --Wag--
  13. Rifle Discussion
    Hey guys, New to the forum but I've done some extensive browsing on the subject. Looking for a .243 AR-15. While it won't be the primary purpose I've chosen the cartridge size with the hopes of using it for deer hunting. I'm new to AR's so where do I start? Is it best to build custom? What...
  14. New Members Introduction
    Hi, Thank you for allowing me to become a member of your forum! I am sure I will learn a ton on here and hopefully I can help a few out along the way as well. I am a manufacturer of Billet AR-15 Receivers so maybe I can help with some machining questions, or if your AR is giving you...
  15. General Gun Discussion
    In the laws I have read about the Connecticut gun laws it says nothing about buying an 80% AR-15 lower and machining it out yourself and building an AR. It wouldn't technically be a registered AR-15. So would it be legal for me to build an AR-15 my self out of and 80% lower?
1-16 of 30 Results