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  1. Collectors Corner
    Hey guys, My name is Amie I am new here so I apologize in advance if this post is not in the right area. I was wondering if someone could help me with identifying this. It looks like an old Bayonet but I'm not an expert by a long shot. I would appreciate any help in what this could be. Regards
  2. Collectors Corner
    I'm asking for your help finding out what this musket rifle's age, nationality and maker. Any thoughts
  3. Collectors Corner
    Hello! First time poster here. I’m looking for information on this long rifle. I’ve measured it at 60” long and the barrel at 44.5”. The first 1/3 of the barrel is octagonal but then the last 2/3 is circular. Not sure if that is standard or if it was reworked at a later date. Any info on the...
  4. Collectors Corner
    Hello everyone, I have this antique pistol which appears to be pretty old and relatively good shape. On the barrel is written Jacopo Gentilini Brescia and is app 50cm long. Any info on possible age or estimation of its value will be much appreceiated. Thank you in advance, Best regards, Olvia...
  5. Collectors Corner
    I was gifted this rifle from a family member that has had this rifle in the family for a long time as a wedding gift. Im far from educated in old guns. It appears to be a kentucky long rifle from what ive found in searching the web. Can anybody give me any other info on this gun? Also, it will...
  6. General Gun Discussion
    Just yesterday I picked up 2 awesome guns. My great great grandpas 16 gauge 1897, and for 400 dollars a 1884 (Produced 1891) Springfield Trapdoor rifle with a spike bayonet! Wondering you're guys' opinion on the buy. I stayed up late last night tearing it apart and cleaning the 84', the wood is...
  7. Collectors Corner
    Please see forum rules on selling.
  8. Collectors Corner
    Hi, I have pair of these pistols that I inherited. I think they are from 17th century but I am not sure. Can someone help me put them in the right place?
  9. Collectors Corner
    I believe this is a Spanish flintlock circa 1670's-1750's, but i really have no idea. Does anyone know anything about them? This was apart of my grandpas antique gun collection and appears to be the oldest. Thank, Nick
  10. New Members Introduction
    My name is Nick and I joined the forum to learn more about antique firearms. I am trying to learn about the antique pistols my grandpa collected. I'm excited to join this forum page!
  11. Shotgun Discussion
    Hello all, new to the forum. My granfather pulled an old shotgun out of the shed today on Christmas. We were trying to figure out around when it was made and any other information. I have researched it some and the only thing I can find on it so far is that it was belgian made. The only markings...
  12. Blackpowder
    I recently purchased this beautiful antique no.32 1875 Marlin Revolver. I took it to the gun store and he was amazed on the condition its in (for how old it is). He said what makes it so great is how the barrel and mechanism that allows the bullet to fire works just as a brand new unused gun...
  13. Want to Buy Forum
    Hello, I am new collector who has been searching the internet to find a decently priced Moroccan Snaphaunce Kabyle or camel gun. Do any collectors have one they'd be willing to part with? Ideally I would like to spend under 500 USD as this is a gift. I have seen muskets of this type go for all...
  14. Collectors Corner
    Any idea which model gun this is based upon? Any info about it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. Rifle Discussion
    I recently acquired an old long gun, a flintlock musket of some sort. I know nothing about it, minus the fact that "made in belgium" is stamped on the barrel. Any knowledge about this firearm would be useful. Thanks
  16. Revolver Discussions
    Hi everyone I have just been given a Rossi Model 68 (.38 Special) and I was just curious as to the history/age of this gun and any other information you have on it.There isn't that much on YouTube or Google so I figured I might try asking around here. Thanks!
  17. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Hi. This is my first post, first time using any forum for that matter. The heavens opened up for me today. A 1936 german luger crossed my way at a deal I couldn't refuse. It's an old bring back, all numbers matching fully functional. It was appraised at 85% condition mainly because the...
  18. Collectors Corner
    I am hoping to get some more information on this revolver. From the research I have done, I am rather confident that it is a Belgium made, 1840-1890's pinifre revolver. It has two distinct markings, one on the body of the gun, and one on the cylinder. The body has an F over an R, with a crown in...
  19. Blackpowder
    I bought a used black powder revolver (replica) and it has been really fun to shoot. The holster he gave me with it fits it nicely but did not come from the manufaturer. I was checking it out and I noticed it was stamped with the Smith "SW" but what I am trying to find information about is the...
1-20 of 32 Results