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  1. Collectors Corner
    Please see forum rules on selling.
  2. Rifle Discussion
    Hello. My parents have three antique guns hanging above their fireplaces. My dad's uncle used to be a traveling salesman and bought them. Back in the 1960s his wife was fed up with the dozens and dozens of guns he'd buy and she gave my parents three of them. Admittedly, I'm not very...
  3. Collectors Corner
    A happy, healthy and peaceful New Year to come to our fellow NGF members. We are now looking to work with Firearms dealers to carry our guns in the US, Canada and Europe. Please help us spread the word to your local dealers for a chance to win one of our MINIATURE, FULLY-FUNCTIONING, Limited...
  4. Collectors Corner
    We love our old miniature guns so we decided nothing would be cooler than making ones that we could use as target shooters. We design and manufacture miniature, FULLY-FUNCTIONING old American West iconic firearms, limited editions. No cast parts - our 1879 Tombstone and 1854 Volcanic are like...
1-4 of 5 Results