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  1. News Room - Latest Headlines
    Media personality David Gregory waved around a 30 round magazine on TV in 2012 in Washington, D.C. It is illegal to possess any magazine more than 10 rounds (even if empty) in D.C., yet no charges will be brought against him, according to D.C. police. :mad5: No surprise, really. Article...
  2. News Room - Latest Headlines
    I can hear his agent now. "Not now Liam! Wait until after the premiere!" Liam Neeson: Number of guns in U.S. 'a disgrace'; guns in 'Taken 3' okay | Fox News
  3. News Room - Latest Headlines
    I'd like to thank the anti-gun groups for making me laugh until my belly aches. :lol: I'd also like to thank them for letting me know that NBA 2K15 (basketball video game) will make me a pro basketball player in just a couple of hours of gameplay! Prepare to laugh. Read here: Anti-gun Group...
1-3 of 3 Results