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  1. New Members Introduction
    Yeah i have been looking for zone like this to belong am not new with guns, guns have been part of me since in my early 20s as i am a form marine officer and served with the military for over a decade presently i run as small gun shop and different reloading supplies and ammunitions, you can...
  2. New Members Introduction
    Hey guys! We are an ammunition manufacturer out of Phoenix Arizona and we have created this account on this forum to get the chance to listen and communicate with the firearm community. We look forward to learning what we can from you and have already enjoyed the community so far!
  3. General Gun Discussion
    Hello, I'm a new gun owner. I have the new Baby Desert Eagle Fast Action 9mm. Is it bad to put different brands of the same caliber ammo into one clip (assuming they're all good brands) or does it not matter? How about mixing hollow point and solid point ammo?
1-3 of 3 Results