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  1. Ammo Talk
    Greetengs to everyone!!! I'd like to talk about the issue that i have with my recently brought vepr (7.62x54). The thing is that, i'm little concerned about the steel cased bullets (though i'm aware of the fact, that, thats not a big deal especially for AK rifles). I've already shot about 50...
  2. Collectors Corner
    I have about 25 full boxes of this specialty ammo including an unopened case, I’m wondering if anyone knows what it’s worth
  3. Ammo Talk
    Hi all, I'm sure this question has been asked many times before, but I wasn't able to find an answer quite specific to my situation. I purchased around 200 rounds of Blazer Brass 45 ACP ammo around 4 years ago for the shooting range. Took some time off and wanted to get back into it, however my...
  4. Shotgun Discussion
    I have a Winchester 1897 shotgun, D series, and I bought a box of 2 3/4 inch Waterfowl Steel shells. Is it fine to use this ammo or is it bad for the shotgun since it's steel running out of an older shotgun? EDIT: It's Federal Ammunition brand Speed Shok Water Fowl Steel BB shot ammunition that...
  5. General Gun Discussion
    Well, like those bold letters say, I need to carry more mags. I always have one in my car but I got to thinking about wtf I would do if i empty my magazine and I'm not close to my car. I live on a very small budget because I get shitty pay haha, so I can't go out and buy a mag pouch. I've tried...
  6. Ammo Talk
    Hello all, About a month ago I picked up a box of ARX Inceptor +P rounds in 9mm Luger and I thought I would make a quick post about my first impressions. For those who don't know, the Inceptors are a solid copper-polymer compound designed to be an alternative to hollow points for self defense...
  7. Ammo Talk
    Hey all, Anybody have recommendations for some good high frangible 12 gauge ammo? Looking to switch from my buckshot and slug mix to high frangible after seeing some tests online. I've found a few options, but am not sure what I should be looking for for dedicated home defense options.
  8. General Gun Discussion
    I was wanting to take my young son shooting soon, but I was concerned about lead exposure. What is the best place to find lead free ammunition? To be clear, I am not just talking about the slug, but the primer as well. I am interested in 380, 9mm and 5.56. Thanks!
  9. General Gun Discussion
    I'm fairly new to the gun world, and upon researching I have a small amount of confusion when it comes to the ammo types like 223 vs 556 and the 7.62 vs the 30 cal ammos. I understand that the north atlantic treaty organization uses that system as an easier way to share ammo but the civilian...
  10. General Gun Discussion
    We have our own limitations on advertising here as well. You'll need to read up on that. Thank you. --Wag--
  11. Rifle Discussion
    So I'm pretty well versed on the 5.56 NATO ammunition I've been using in my M4 and I'm curious about the .223 cartridge. It's been a turn off for me for some time now just out of pure ignorance on the actual thing. I guess because it sounds like a 22, or 22LR. What is the .223 all about? Does it...
  12. New Members Introduction
  13. New Members Introduction
    Hey guys! We are an ammunition manufacturer out of Phoenix Arizona and we have created this account on this forum to get the chance to listen and communicate with the firearm community. We look forward to learning what we can from you and have already enjoyed the community so far!
  14. General Gun Discussion
    Hey there everyone, just joined the forum. I hope this question isn't a dumb one but I haven't got an answer for it. I know the difference between 223 & 5.56 but when I look to buy ammo online I often see the ammo lable listed as "223/556" so my question is which one is it? The ammo I have...
  15. Shotgun Discussion
    I remember looking at shotgun ammo, and the only really viable one as far as cost in the 12 Gauge is there a good reason for this?
  16. Buy/Sell/Trade Firearms
    If anyone is looking to do a group buy let me know. If your looking for for something chances are someone else is as well. Maybe its ammo, gear or parts or maybe complete firearms. If we can get a group of us to purchase from a dealer/manufacture/distributor that would be great. comment and...
  17. Gun Related Pictures
    A gun is a normally tubular weapon or other device designed to discharge projectiles or other material.
1-17 of 47 Results