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  1. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of lefty politicians to take away your guns?

    New Members Introduction
    Erich Pratt and I both know!!! Good evening from Denver, my fine fellow American gun rights supporters!
  2. 3D printed Guns: why gun laws will never work

    New Members Introduction
    As we all already know Gun laws just don't work. we are survivors not victims.
  3. Buying online

    General Gun Discussion
    I have been seeing prices online that are much better than the stores nearby, and one of the stores nearby only charges a $15 for their fee if I have it shipped to them. So it's definitely a viable theory. Have any of you ordered guns online and shipped to a nearby FFL holder, and if...
  4. The most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the American people.

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    The most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the American people are the words of our founding fathers. Liberty Scrolls by Martin Fry ? Kickstarter America's founding documents scrolled inside brass shell-casings for a personal & meaningful display, inspiring the spirit of liberty. The...
  5. Deadliest jobs in the states

    Deadliest job in America: Working on cell phone towers Tue Jul 8, 2008 4:06PM EDT See Comments (605) Buzz up!on Yahoo! Next time you can't get a cell phone signal in the middle of town, put your problem in perspective: New figures show that the deadliest job in America now goes to the men and...