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ak 47

  1. Russian ak 47 ban.

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    So the new ak 47 ban that Obama used executive order to push through has got me a little worried. Although only ak 47s made in Russia are banned from further sales, it makes me wonder what else he will use his executive order to ban, what crisis will he use next to ban our right to bear arms...
  2. Bumpski Stock for Arsenal SAM7R

    Rifle Discussion
    I have an Arsenal SAM7R Ak and i wanted to get a bumpfire stock for it. The Fostech Outdoors Bumpski caught my eye because it looks like it could be a very good stock even when not bumpfiring. I want to stay away from the Slide Fire because iv'e heard some really mixed reviews about it. I...
  3. Amd 65

    Gun Related Pictures
    Im new here so i thought id share my latest project. last week i picked up a ak47 amd 65 had the local gun store add some stuff. alot of UTG stuff, some trigger work, recoil buffer and a cheap red dot, and a cheaper laser. So far ive been very happy with it, shot maybe 1000 rounds with no...
  4. My guns and suggestions for other guns I should get.

    General Gun Discussion
    I have 5 guns in my collection and I don't have a favorite. They are all my favorite and serve a different purpose. 1- My first gun was a Thompson R55 .22 synthetic rifle. Shoots awesome. My only complaint is the largest clip is 10 rounds. Great gun. 2- Second gun was a Winchester Model 12...
  5. I actually want one of these.....

    General Gun Discussion
    Might sound crazy but I actually think having one of these would be a fun trip to a outside range.