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  1. Help-your-fellow-man-and-fight-for-2nd-amendment.

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Fellow men and women of America, I sincerely plead with you today to help my good friend Paul Gratton, a single father of two sons. The federal government convicted him as an excuse to chip away at the gun rights of the American people. Paul is being convicted because of a clerical error that...
  2. Scope accuracy issues

    Airguns & Such
    Hey everyone! So I have a Crossman break barrel pellet gun (.177 Cal, 1000fps) and it's always been great to shoot when I can't make it to the range. I've always used the fiber optic sights mounted on the barrel, however I recently put the scope on it that came with it and was to lazy to mount...
  3. ejectors

    General Gunsmithing
    Does anyone know of any efficient and easy to build/maintain repeating (pump, semi, or full auto) shotgun ejector designs. I am working on a design for a repeating airsoft shotgun that uses 410 shells but I am having trouble coming up with an efficient ejector design that won't get in the way of...
  4. New gun guide?

    General Gun Discussion
    Has anyone heard anything about this new gun guide, Firearms Multimedia Guide? It’s supposed to be a computer searchable guide on DVD. It’s a bit pricey for me, so I’d like to hear any comments from you before I buy it. I checked out the videos on their website, but I still wanna hear from...