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  1. SD40VE & ProMag 25rd Magazine (SMI-A17)

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    So for Father's day I bought my cousin a ProMag 25rd Mag (ProMag SMI-A17 S&W SD40 .40 S&W (25) Rd Blue Steel ) for his SD40VE. As you can see in this video () The mag has issues not advancing the bullets once at high capacity. Lots of people report jamming at full capacity. And they also...
  2. Questions on Machine Guns

    Full Auto Weapons
    New user here I wanted to see if I could get some down to earth advice on machine gun purchasing. Backstory: I live in SC, and for awhile, it looked like hurricane Irma was going to hit us. In preparedness, I began packing up my firearm collection to get the heck out of there. Thankfully...
  3. Best parts kit for AR15

    Rifle Discussion
    Hey Guys, New to these forums here. Just bought my wife and I each a Juggernaut Billet Lower. I am pretty new to the AR life, so I was wondering if I could get some advice on the best for value, lower parts kit. I would like to keep it under $120 for each kit, but its always helpful to spend...
  4. Advice on a new AR

    General Gun Discussion
    I've been doing a lot research lately about getting a new gun. I'm looking at getting an AR style gun, and I've had a lot of questions that I think only experience will truly be able to answer. I'm young so I have time to grow and get different rifles, but for the most part the rifle will be...
  5. .223 for Deer Hunting, Need Advice

    Rifle Discussion
    As of the last couple of months I've had a cast on my right wrist (I'm right handed and awaiting surgery) resulting from a football hit. I've decided that the slug gun that I normally hunt with will be too much recoil on my arm during the healing process. I will be hunting the upcoming Wisconsin...
  6. Purchase advice please

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello all. This is my first post here, so if I have posted in the wrong forum, please re categorize and my apologies :) I am looking to purchase a new handgun and would like the advice of those who are not driven by commission :) What I am looking for: I am open to the idea of a...
  7. Transferring weapon from deceased

    Gun Laws - News - Rights
    Hello All, first time post... weird question. A friend in high school lend me his shotgun before leaving to the navy. He was discharged and brought up on felony charges not long after he left... The gun remained in my possession for several years (the owner and myself remained in contact every...
  8. So I Am Going To Buy An AR But Need Some Insight

    Rifle Discussion
    LIttle background, been a casual hunter/shooter all my life, plan on making my first purchase now that I have entered the real world. That purchase is going to be an AR-15, in all likelihood a .223. But that is really where my search begins. I am looking to buy the highest quality, most...
  9. Need Advice

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I am looking into buying my first handgun. I would like to spend between $300-$500 but I am not sure what exactly to get. I have shot a few 9mm and liked them. It will be to carry and also for home protection for my wife while she is at work. Mostly I would like any brands that you can...
  10. Big Guns - Looking for wisdom

    General Gun Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I am new to this forum and seek some advise. I am looking to really step-up my shooting as well as caliber and pick up a great new rifle. I have spent years at the range and since I was young started with airsoft, air rifles and 22’s. Also have shot a lot of 308 and some 50...
  11. Trouble Identifying a sight.

    Firearm Accessories
    I wish to use a similar sight with a high profile front iron sight; however, the closest I've found is a micro reflex. Can anyone help me identify the sight pictured below or point me to something similar? Note: I would go for a larger sight, but I have OCD and have to stick to a minimalistic...
  12. Fishing fail. Please help.

    So today I went fishing with my friends. Well, if you can call it that. We had been planning to go for a week now, and I was very stoked. Now, I've only been fishing once before and my experience is pretty much nill. Anyhow, we get there and I am given a $5 pink fishing pole from Target. My...
  13. Need help

    General Gun Discussion
    rate these 3 best to worst Ruger P95 - $300 KelTec P32 - $318 S&W Sigma40 - $355 Thank you very much
  14. Online Firearm Recs?

    General Gun Discussion
    anybody have any recommendations for buying firearms or ammo online? good or bad experiences with certain dealers? not looking for anything fancy or collectible, just basic stuff. to start, looking for an xd and ammo for some other stuff. over