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  1. Iron Sight Accuracy

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello all, I recently began shooting rifles, well... air rifles, and ran into a certain issue; I suck at making tight groupings, or groupings at all for that matter. However, I'm a very determined sort so I've been practicing with the iron sight on my Ruger Blackhawk; thanks to that, today I...
  2. Strange accuracy problem

    General Gun Discussion
    I bought a used AR15. I could not get this thing to fire accurate at 25 yards. Im talkin 5-10 inch groups. Called maker and they said 99% of the time its the ammo. So i went and bought the cheap wokf steel case ammo (which they said specifically not to fire) to 1.59 a round hornady. Same...
  3. Remington Stock Suggestions

    Rifle Discussion
    I recently purchased a Remington 700 SPS Tactical in 308 and it has come to my attention that the Hogue stock is less than desirable but that it can replaced very affordably. This will primarily be a hunting rifle so weight should be considered. I am partial to a synthetic stock until the...
  4. XDM 9mm 3.8 vs 4.5 accuracy

    General Gun Discussion
    I have read a lot of posts that the XDM 3.8 compared to the 4.5 at shorter ranges (<25 yards) the barrel length does not affect accuracy. Does anyone have any range experience to confirm or deny what I have read elsewhere. I bought the 3.8 because it was a Davidson which gives me a great...
  5. Help with accuracy and shooting terminology

    General Gun Discussion
    Hello everyone. I would like to gather some wisdom and knowledge from you all about target shooting terminology. 1)How do you measure a "grouping" on a target sheet? What unit of measurement do you use? 2)What is considered to be "good shooting" and why (in terms of rifles, pistols, shotguns...