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9mm luger

  1. Chiappa Rhino Revolver that fires BOTH 357Mag and 9mm?

    General Gun Discussion
    I came across these pistols: Supposedly, it comes with one cylinder for 357 magnum and a second cylinder for 9mm Luger. 1. Even if you do change the cylinder out, how is it...
  2. Bryco/Jennings Nine - Yes, I know it's a POS.

    General Gun Discussion
    I want some candid, to the point knowledge on how to make my firearm, (a Bryco Jennings Nine), more reliable, and preferably NOT a POS Aftermarket parts. Etc. This gun is what I feel comfortable using. I like how it feels in my hand. I like the recoil. Granted, it's a pain in the ass to put...
  3. Just got my first...

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Ordered it for $140 + $29 shipping. My local FFL charges $40 for the background check + transfer. $209 total. any accessories u guys recommend? Any cheap online ammo sites? thanks for any comments!