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  1. Shotgun Discussion
    Hi there, I got a Remington 870 Express 20 Gauge for Christmas, I took it out of the box and put on the barrel and everything seemed to work fine, I wanted to learn how to disassemble the gun for cleaning so I removed the bolt and forend and put it back together, no issues and since then when...
  2. Shotgun Discussion
    Hey everyone so I'm looking to buy a new shotgun and I'm stuck. I've been browsing everything online but I was hoping for some real input on here. I have a mossberg 500, I like it but I have a problem with the firing pin and some surface rust... (That's what happens when you let a friend borrow...
  3. Shooting Reports
    Well, I decided it would be a good day to go to the ole firing range on the family farm. Just finishing up my last semester of summer classes at college, firing off some rounds at some used textbooks that the bookstore would not take back, gave me some much needed satisfaction. First up on the...
1-3 of 3 Results