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.50 cal

  1. .50 cal ammo... Cheap?

    Rifle Discussion
    Does anyone know where you can get inexpensive .50 cal ammo. The lowest I could find would be about 3.50 per bullet in bulk. There has to be something less somewhere. I don't want blanks or tracers, just normal bullets, any grain or manufacturer. I want to shoot my Sig50
  2. .50 Caliber Rifles

    General Gun Discussion
    Anybody have any good stories about using their .50 cal rifle. I have heard they are quite fun, but expensive, to play with. BTW anybody have a price on a Grizzly Big Boar 50. Cal BMG?
  3. anyone shoot .50 cal rifle?

    General Gun Discussion
    Just wondering how many of you shoot a .50 and what type. What are your thoughts on it. I personaly enjoy shooting the LAR Grizzly Big Bore. Great weapon and not to pricey to buy.