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  1. Handloading and Reloading
    the webley usually uses a 265 gr bullet. midwayUSA sells a 300 gr that i want to use. the gun is a WWI 1914 spanish garate/eibar. does anyone think i could do this safely? also i saw a 360 gr bullet on ebay that would fit. would it be totally unsafe to use a bullet this big or if i didn't use...
  2. Revolver Discussions
    i recently bought this gun off gunbroker for $250. from my research, it's an old spanish gun that was sent to england during WWI when they needed more weaponry. anybody own one of these things or know anything more about them? thanks.
  3. Revolver Discussions
    i had an idea to use cut down 45 colt brass to use in my 455 webley revolver. lee sells these 300 grain bullet molds that i was also thinking about using (i could post a link with permission). i think if i dont use too much powder this would be a cool bullet to shoot out of the thing. any...
1-3 of 3 Results