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  1. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I am starting my research for buying a .45 acp double stack handgun. I don't necessarily need it to conceal. I already have a conceal carry. I am looking for something reliable, good build around $500-$600. I thought about 1911 and honestly, if I am going to buy one itll be a higher end model...
  2. Revolver Discussions
    Not as elaborate of a report as I usually do, but it was a good time with a classic handgun.
  3. Handloading and Reloading
    I'm new to reloading, and I'm asking for detailed advice for what exactly I will need to reload 45 ACP for as cheap as possible. That includes the re loader, bullets, shells, primers and powder. I have no idea where to start... If you could give me links to the products, I would very much...
  4. Concealed Carry
    what do you think of the xdm 45, with a 4 1/2" barrel and 13 rounds for concealed carry ?
1-4 of 4 Results