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  1. Ruger Revolvers

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    I am looking at the different revolvers that Ruger has and i was wondering which one had exceptional quality and durability. I dont mind if it is Single action, Double action, or both. I would prefer something .357 mag but a .44 mag would be fine. I would also prefer something with a larger...
  2. my new .44 Smith: target ammo vs self defense vs hunting hunting ammo

    Revolver Discussions
    Model: 629...
  3. .44 mag first gun?

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I am soon to be a first time handgun owner, and i have what most people call "huge gorrilla hands". Ive shot my friends beretta single action .357 and burnt myself on the front of the cylinder (oops!). I didnt think the recoil was too bad. We both stopped at the local gunshop and checked out...