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  1. llama micromax 380 - Which Magazine? Recessed? Non-Recessed? Best Site?

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Hello, I am new to the forums and i was hoping one of you could help me. I have a Llama MicroMax 380 and i want to buy a new clip for it because it jams on me. I had a lot of trouble releasing the clip when i shot the last round at the gun range. The was stuck in there some how. Does this...
  2. Bersa Firestorm 380

    General Gun Discussion
    Just wondered if anyone has any experience good or bad with a Bersa. I am looking at a Bersa Firestorm 380. It is inexpensive and the dealer says it is well manufactured. I will be using it for concealed carry. Thanks, Karl
  3. Them LCP's are like Milk!

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I have had at least 50 people come in and ask for this little piece. In total we have had 4 of them. Each one selling within hours. I believe Kel-Tec is in a world of trouble.... This piece is on FIRE!