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.38 special

  1. Another Range Visit, G43x and Colt Police .38

    Shooting Reports
    It was a chilly, but manageable, 24° and sunny today, decided I would hit the range before the snowfall tomorrow. I brought the Glock 43x, my EDC, and my Colt Highway Patrol .38 special. I used different targets than usual, they're the same size, but with a smaller bullseye and tighter scoring...
  2. Rossi M68 (.38 Special)

    Revolver Discussions
    Hi everyone I have just been given a Rossi Model 68 (.38 Special) and I was just curious as to the history/age of this gun and any other information you have on it.There isn't that much on YouTube or Google so I figured I might try asking around here. Thanks!
  3. My First Revolver

    Revolver Discussions
    I love my semi automatic handguns, and own a few, mainly glocks in each caliber. i carry everyday for my own self defense, unfortunately i recently incurred an injury that leaves me unable to be able to easily rack my slide without being in extreme pain, and it will be months before i will be...
  4. Need help with S&W 38 spl. ID

    Collectors Corner
    Here it is, the Pics show pretty much everything, the SN on the cyl matches the butt, but the # on the yoke is different... Any ideas on value? thanks for the help!
  5. Rock Island Armory revolver

    Revolver Discussions
    I just bought a brand new Armscor M206 6-shot .38 special snubb nose revolver. I was wondering if any one else has one, so they may enlighten me about the company, the quaility, and reliability, and all in all is it a good gun, a great gun, or crapp gun.
  6. Best way to carry extra ammo for revolver?

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    If I CC a .38 special, what is the best way to carry some additional ammo? Is there something out there for that? I did some searching online and didn't see anything. I carry the .38 in a bellyband with a spot for an extra ammo.