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38 special

  1. Trying to id a S&W revolver

    Revolver Discussions
    Hello. I have a smith and wesson revolver double action 2". I don't have any paperwork or id for this gun. I was looking for some help to figure out what it is. The markings on the bottom of the handle between the wood grips are 5D30789. It says .38 S&W. spl on the barrel. Made in USA marcas...
  2. Any info on this 38 S&W Special CTG???

    Revolver Discussions
    I have a S&W .38 Special that I'm trying to find out an age or any other info on. I was told it was my great great grandfather's when he was a police officer for the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. Not familiar at all with guns, so bear with me! I believe the S/N is on the butt of...
  3. New Hornady TAP 12GA OO buck, Federal 12GA slugs, Hornaday 44 MAG and more

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    We just received Hornaday TAP 12GA OO buck, Federal 12GA slugs, Hornady 44 Mag, CCI/ Blazer .38 Special, Winchester Wildcat .22LR and more. Don't forget to register at out site to be entered in the December drawing for a free Paracord Survival bracelet.