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  1. Revolver Discussions
    Hello, I have recently acquired said revolver and need to replace the hammer nose. I've been scouring the web. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. This is a pre Taurus model. Thanks.
  2. Collectors Corner
    Well I came acrossthis old little gun recently. I don't have a clue how old it is, but if anyone can tell me about it, that would be awesom. The writing on it says, "DERRINGER EXCAM HIALBAR FLA MOD TA 38 CAL. ..38 SP" Any other info would be great. Here are some pictures.
  3. General Gun Discussion
    Was cleaning my pistol last tuesday after coming back from the range, and had a few friends over. Well, apparently one of them thought I and they would get a good kick out of putting a empty bullet casing (shell) into the chamber and closing it. Now it seems I can't get it nor can I even pull...
1-3 of 3 Results