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  1. Rohm

    Revolver Discussions
    Howdy, brand new guy here. I'm an old (75) Texan. I'm sure the title caused a lot of y'all to cringe and the P,O, and S keys would get a good work out on any answers. Please don't bother. I've read dozens of opinions about the Rohm products and don't doubt any of them. I have a different...
  2. My First Revolver

    Revolver Discussions
    I love my semi automatic handguns, and own a few, mainly glocks in each caliber. i carry everyday for my own self defense, unfortunately i recently incurred an injury that leaves me unable to be able to easily rack my slide without being in extreme pain, and it will be months before i will be...
  3. Ruger Revolvers

    Revolver Discussions
    I am looking at the different revolvers that Ruger has and i was wondering which one had exceptional quality and durability. I dont mind if it is Single action, Double action, or both. I would prefer something .357 mag but a .44 mag would be fine. I would also prefer something with a larger...
  4. S&W .357 Model 19 prone to crack? What ammo should I use?

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I just bought a S&W .357 Model 19-4, 4 inch barrel revolver that has never been fired. I read that it was designed for a 158 grain .357 ammo and it is proned to crack if you use a smaller grain. Is that because the smaller grain is shorter or higher velocity? Does it matter the grain when using...