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  1. Which 308 is the "best"?

    Rifle Discussion
    Hey guys I'm looking to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of this forum to purchase a 1 MOA or sub-MOA firearm, price is a non-issue. I've been looking around the internet for the past 9 months at various makes and models (bolt/semi AR10, government profile/hbar) and I'm...
  2. Is my barrel damaged or is this normal wear? (.308)

    Rifle Discussion
    I have a savage arms .308 with a stainless steel barrel. I noticed after cleaning it, alot of wear and scratches on the inside of my barrel near crown. I also noticed whst looks like to be rust? Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought stainless didn't corrode. Is this any cause for worry orvis...
  3. Remington Stock Suggestions

    Rifle Discussion
    I recently purchased a Remington 700 SPS Tactical in 308 and it has come to my attention that the Hogue stock is less than desirable but that it can replaced very affordably. This will primarily be a hunting rifle so weight should be considered. I am partial to a synthetic stock until the...
  4. Any Savage 10 FP LE owners out there?

    Rifle Discussion
    I love mine, in .308, it is more accurate than I. Great trigger. Mine is the older model with the accutrigger but without the mag plate, mag capable option. I put a Stockade stock on mine and it made it all that much better. The newer models come equipped with an Accustock, and they are...
  5. Suggestions? .308/7.62 Purchase

    Rifle Discussion
    Hello everyone :) I've been looking around the internet for the past month or so looking at different firearms and the sort. I have been looking to make a new purchase. I am really interested in getting something chambered for .308/7.62 and have some questions/thoughts/concerns I was hoping some...