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  1. Can anybody identify this .30-06 rifle

    Gun Related Pictures
    I picked up this .30-06 rifle that has been passed down three generations it has a custom engraving on the stock a friend of my grampa had done for him a long time ago. just wondering if anybody can give me any insight into what type of rifle this is. I expect the rifle to offer more sentimental...
  2. Got a .30-06

    General Gun Discussion
    This is amounting to a good year for expanding my collection. Got myself an AR for my birthday, got a new 9mm a few weeks ago, then today I was handed down an unfired bolt rifle. It's a Remington model 710 in .30-06, composite stock, with a Bushnell 3x-9x scope. It was my grandfather's...
  3. Ammo for Remington 770 Comptact .30-06

    Rifle Discussion
    Hello all, good to be here. I'm looking for ammo for the Remington 770 Comptact, .30-06 Springfield I know ammo for this gun isn't that cheap, but some online sites have listings for under $1/per cartridge, which I understand is extremely cheap for this type I don't however, want anything...
  4. Springfield 1903. .30-06 need help understanding some things

    Rifle Discussion
    Hey all, Does anyone know what the little open hole next to the trigger guard on a Springfield .30-06 is used for? There's two bolts that hold the stock to the barrel. But there's a third hole that's used for something. I was wondering what that might be. I inherited this rifle from my grandpa...
  5. Early Christmas Gift

    Rifle Discussion
    Hey all, I thought I'd share some photos of the new rifle that Santa brought for me a couple of days ago. It's my first ever bolt action (finally), for my first ever hunting trip (finally). It's a Smith and Wesson I-bolt chambered in .30-06. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, in fact...