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2nd amendment

  1. Help-your-fellow-man-and-fight-for-2nd-amendment.

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    Fellow men and women of America, I sincerely plead with you today to help my good friend Paul Gratton, a single father of two sons. The federal government convicted him as an excuse to chip away at the gun rights of the American people. Paul is being convicted because of a clerical error that...
  2. Paul Ryan TownHall last night 8/21 (This was edited out of news coverage)

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    Here's a quote. I'll just pull the pin out of and walk away from: 'Expand definition of domestic terrorism and mental illness to prevent anyone with far-right views from owning firearms.' I am interested in y'all's thoughts. This is from The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan's...
  3. 2nd Amendment: (Quotes) Not just the right to bear arms, Also a Right To Training

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    Hi, I wanted to pick special quotes from mostly our founding fathers to share with the public. I hope to show true inent of the founding fathers of this great nation. I've picked quotes that i think havent seen the light of day since their times as much as other quotes and i feel they are even...
  4. New to CC in alabama

    Concealed Carry
    I have been around guns all my life, and recently I have decide to participate in canceled carry. I have searched far and wide but I cant seem to find any clear information about Alabama carry laws and I have a few questions. 1. is there a max number of rounds I can have in my magazine while...
  5. The Second Amendment

    New Members Introduction
    A lot has been said about the Second Amendment, and there are a lot of opinions on the subject, and there seems to be a lot of confusion concerning the amendment. Many think the amendment is great, and that it protects our right to keep and bear arms, others think the amendment should be done...
  6. US Army Infantryman, NEED LEGAL ADVICE PLEASE!

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    6 years Army Infantry, Iraq & Afghan 30 months Deployed with Combat & a hell of a background, now a civilian past 1.5 years. They're trying to take my Registered Weatherby bolt action 30/06 & threatening my gun rights! They are; as in Stevenson County Court, WA... & why? Well, On my way out...
  7. Liberating Jewelry Proudly Supports the 2nd Amendment.

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    Guys, you have got to check these out. Watch the video. This guy put the Constitution and Bill of Rights inside a 30-06 shell casing all scrolled up! Liberty Scrolls are America's founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution or the U.S. Bill of Rights inscribed...
  8. In my state of maryland liberal o'malley proposed new gun restrictions

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    has proposed a broad assault weapons ban; new licensing requirement for gun owners and a proposed expansion of reporting of mental health problems to get guns out of the hands of those considered dangerous to others.also the 10 magazine capacity...okay a better thorough background check i agree...
  9. 20 day wait ncis background check due to liberals in power curious on one this HELP!!

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    :weapons:Hello Fellow law biding Gun owners i just made purchase on the 16th of january bought a Springfield xd 45.acp to be exact live in one of the most democratic states in the country maryland and since these gun proposals have been put on the table i'm more concerned if it will affect my...
  10. Hello from Alabama

    New Members Introduction
    It is good to be connected with like-minded folks. It is not just about the 2nd Amendment, it is about the American way of life. I believe it is worth protecting by speaking out and defending by voting. Hanging chad aside, a lot of change happens through the use of a #2 pencil. We opened our...
  11. Call To Arms The March On Washington D.C. 2A Defence

    General Gun Discussion
    This video is in response to the attack on our 2nd amendment rights in the United States of America. Call to Arms purpose is to coordinate a movement with all gun activist organizations, N.R.A. and all citizens of the states that are fed up with the tyranny to march onto Washington D.C. and...
  12. Free internet toolbar helps support NRA

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    I downloaded a really cool internet toolbar off the NRA-ILA website for free that helps support the NRA. Every time you use the search box in the toolbar or go through the "Raise Funds" button, you are helping to support the NRA without any cost to you. You can also get your local weather by...
  13. DC Gun Rights March

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    Well this idea has been all over since the election, I decided to make a forum where this could be discussed and planned kind of a attempt to centralize all the ideas out there and get everyone interested to one place. If planning for something like this isn't centralized it will never happen...
  14. Government Paper

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    Hey guys, today my American government teacher assinged a 5 page paper about something relating to politics. By instinct i chose the 2nd amendment. Do any of you know of any reliable sources? How should my thesis go? Any help would be super! THANKS!!