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  1. Rifle Discussion
    Hi Gang, Anyone here have a Mark II with a 21", Non-fluted barrel? I need to know the diameter of the barrel. There's lots of Ruger's for me to physically look at but not the Savage's. I need to know for a potential 3rd party stock. I will likely not purchase the rifle if not compatible with...
  2. Rimfire Central
    Title says it all, just want to know what you guys think. It could even be a brand name. I’m not looking for a 22 for myself, just fishing for some opinions. edit: I personally like the Model 60 or a 10/22
  3. Rimfire Central
    Gun Review: Henry Frontier Long Barrel - Recently I had the opportunity to put the new Henry Frontier Long Barrel through its paces. They haven't started shipping out yet, but I find it to be a very delightful rifle, though not without problems. What do you think?
  4. Rimfire Central
    a few months ago I bought a brand new norinco/puma jw15 in .22lr. the same day I bought a bulk box of 500 Winchester subsonic ammunition, me being so excited I went that afternoon with my dad to shoot my brand new rifle. I had my first shot after cleaning all the oil from the rifle and the bore...
  5. Rimfire Central
    A couple of you (Mad Scientist and Kansas45, I think) asked for a range report on this new rifle, which, by the way, my wife hasn't commented on yet, although she must have seen the bill for it, and for the ammo as well. That silence, I think, is the product of 37 yrs marriage, out of which...
  6. Rimfire Central
    It is a 9 Shot .22 Long rifle Revolver, Double/Single action. Imported from Argentina. I cannot find any Info or Parts for this gun at all. The Rexio website is not working for me.
  7. Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    I know they do not make a 22lr conversion kit for the sigmas but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the possibility of using one of the many 22lr conversion kits for Glock on the SW40VE. I know that the SW40VE is similar in most respects to the Glock 23 so I figured I would see if...
  8. General Gun Discussion
    Recently, my father, who is a Petroleum Engineer in the Lebanon-Syria region of the middle east, sent me a picture of what he uses for protection against the FSA. It looks strikingly similar to the Walther PP design, yet he claims that it was made by the Czech Republic, and that it is chambered...
  9. General Gun Discussion
    Hey guys. I recently received my Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 long rifle from And when I go to Walmart, their .22LR ammo is always bought up. And I was reading the manual that came with the gun earlier. It said that CCI Stinger Ammunition 22 Long Rifle works best with the gun...
  10. Rimfire Central
    I have my grandfathers Winchester Model 60-22 he bought in 1930. I have been looking for a parts diagram or break down. Also looking for a place to purchase new springs for the bolt assembly. If anyone would have any leads or more information I would appreciate it. Thanks
  11. Rifle Discussion
    Good morning folks. New to the forum. Thanx for letting me post! I have done some spring cleaning lately and came across this 22LR that I had forgotten I had. Markings should show in the pics pretty well, but they are as such: Sears (square trademark) Sears Model 80 - Cal. 22LR Only Made in...
  12. New Members Introduction
    Hello: I would like to mount a NF 8-32x56BR scope on my Anschutz Match 54 22LR of the year 1963. This rifle (which has been rarely used, thus being like new) 28" barrel, 12 lbs, has a single rail for the diopter. The fittest extended rail I have detected on internet is "DIP Anschutz 54 Action...
  13. Rimfire Central
    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows what the minimum force you need to hit a .22lr( rimfire obviously) round is to reliably fire them? I've heard they're pretty sensitive..
  14. Sponsor Listings
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1-15 of 17 Results