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  1. New Members Introduction
    I'm new to the gun world but I've done a fair amount of research and I'm pretty set on getting a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 sport .22 LR. .22 ammo is cheap , and I won't be hunting w the gun just mostly target shooting so it should be a good gun to learn on. Everywhere I've looked online it's got...
  2. General Gun Discussion
    Has anyone ever had any issues with this gun going off on its own, or with it not extracting the shell when the bolt was pulled back? I recently found one of these at my Father-in-Law's house in a gun sock. I took it out dropped the magazine and saw that there were rounds in the magazine, so...
  3. Rimfire Central
    Hi all, For the past few days I've been looking into buying the components of .22lr bullets so I can hand load my own. Please note I am not trying to RELOAD I'm trying to build my own. I've seen a few other people post this question on other forums but don't make the point of not...
1-3 of 4 Results