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  1. Rimfire Central
    Ok so today i purchased the ruger 22/45 model p512. As i was learning more about this gun, i saw something about dry-firing rugers. It said that they have a feature that protects the guns internal components from being damaged when dry-fired. But when i talked to ruger representatives, they said...
  2. Rimfire Central
    I have recently purchased a Ruger 22/45 slab sided barrel... I'd like to outfit it with a red dot scope. Is there a particular type I need to get? Which brands are worth getting??
  3. Rimfire Central
    Hi all. If I were to buy a .22 Ruger pistol, which would be a better choice: the original MKIII or the 22/45 MKIII? I know the original has a similar grip angle to the Glock's, but I have no problem shooting both steep and shallow grip angled guns. If I buy the regular Mark III, would it hurt...
1-3 of 3 Results