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  1. Help determining date of Simson & Co Suhl 22 Rifle

    Collectors Corner
    Hi all. I am new here and first time gun owner. My father has handed down an old Simson & Co Suhl 22 Rifle to me and we don't know much about it. I see a serial number/date code of 24281 - both inside the bolt and on the bolt handle. It has a fascinating pop up sight behind the trigger and...
  2. Value of Colt Woodsman .22, <1930

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Hi, My dad recently gave me this Colt Woodsman .22. This was my Grandfather’s . We believe it is pre-1930. The production number is: 35336. The pistol has not been fired, since late 1950s. It appears to be in great condition. I’m considering selling it, however I don’t know what a reasonable...
  3. Ruger GP100 .22 vs. Smith & Wesson Model 617 .22

    Rimfire Central
    My vote goes to the Ruger GP100 .22, for the triple locking cylinder, partial underlug barrel giving it better balance, target crown and fiber optic front sight. Additionally, there have been many reports of the Smith having problems...
  4. What is currently, the most universally powerful standard .22 LR round?

    Rimfire Central
    ...readily available, has some info / non-bias reviews online... that can be very reliably shot and ejected, from a mid to full size, high end, all steel, mainstream (Smith / Ruger) revolver.
  5. Bluing the old .22

    Rifle Discussion
    I started rebluing an old .22 of mine and I like the look of the natural steel rather than a darker finish. What do you guys recommend doing to protect the natural steel color and condition...
  6. New member looking for advice/help

    New Members Introduction
    Hello, I am a new member from Florida looking for some help with a revolver I recently purchased, it is a Tanfoglio TA .22 .The short story is I'm looking for the .22mag cylinder for it. To read more please check out the full post I put in the revolver section. Thanks
  7. Need help making a NY legal .22 "Assault Rifle"

    Rimfire Central
    I wanted to make a .22 ruger into a ny legal assault rifle. I like the Ruger in the attachment but obviously it isn't ny legal. I wanted to get the gun as assault rifle looking as possible but still legal. That includes magazine, stock, etc. Any and all suggestions are welcome. If you dont know...
  8. colt/walther 1911-22 questions

    Semi-Auto Handgun Discussion
    Hey, I am brand new to the forum and this is my first post. I am considering buying the colt/walther 1911-22. I am just curious about how long the gun will last me and how customizable it is. Can you change the grips, trigger, hammer, etc. With parts for a standard 1911? thanks, frank
  9. Black Synthetic Stock

    Firearm Accessories
    So I recently got a nice little Marlin 60 .22LR from a buddy of mine, and it may seem a little bit of an overkill, but I ended up getting a 3-9X40mm scope for it. ( I of course plan on using this for a higher caliber rifle later on down the line. ) As it stands right now, I have the stock the...
  10. Help needed

    Collectors Corner
    :mad5: Is there anyone in the USA who knows anything about .22 revolvers made in Belgium 100 years ago? I am in Australia and our damn draconian laws prevent me from asking or getting help here! I am looking for parts to complete a project. In particular, the hammer, trigger, chamber bar and...
  11. As soon as i'm legally allowed i'm getting my first gun(and firearms training)

    Rimfire Central
    i was told in another section (after i went through heavy detail on what i actually wanted) that i need to "start small". that's fine but my actual question wasn't answered, but i'm not here for that, i'm here for the "start small" part. first: can i get all the small rimfire cartridges that...
  12. Ruger Zip

    Rimfire Central
    One of my friends recently tossed up a suggestion to me about buying a ruger zip, as a little toy. its got a $200 msrp and although i already own a 10/22, it caught my eye as a very cool toy. However its very unconventional, anyone have one or have shot one, i am curious as to how accurate it...
  13. first gun purchase. semi-automatic .22 rifle. opions welcome

    Rifle Discussion
    title was supposed to say opinions...bleh Hello. Quick background. I live in California (Riverside County) so I have that working against me already in the gun world. I've never owned a gun and have little experience shooting. I believe I have only shot a .22 rifle a handful of time, no...
  14. Winchester model 121 bolt stuck

    Rimfire Central
    Okay, so I have a situation. My sister was cleaning my winchester model 121 and she took of the bolt guides things off, and then shoved the bolt back in, forgetting that she didn't put that back on the bolt. How can I get the bolt back out without completely disassembling the gun?
  15. YaY new gun!

    General Gun Discussion
    I got a new Walther .22 today and just had to say i can't wait to shoot it! I was trying to get a AR-15 but wow prices are about 1200 and up. double the normal price and that's about what there goin for. the one for 1200 was a mix of parts. Oh ya best part it was a desert camo. so it looks...
  16. Hi, how do I mount a 4x32 ACOG on a bolt action rimfire .22m?

    Rifle Discussion
    I will be buying a .22 in a few weeks and am woundering how to attach a 4x32 ACOG. I need a step by step explaination of what parts are required (apart from the rifle and the acog). Any help is very much apreciated!* Answer this in the same manner as you would to a small child or a puppy.*...
  17. re : .22 mag in my humble opinion better than .17 hmr

    Rimfire Central
    was doing some shooting the other day with my .22 mag against my friends .17 hmr although both rounds were good for killing gophers the .22 mag seemed to do a better job at longer ranges leaving bigger holes :44:
  18. Info on the Cooey model 60 ( Ranger )

    Rifle Discussion
    Ive looked threw lots of gun books and on the internet but i cant find the price range for a mint condition Cooey model 60. Although any information on this .22 will be greatly appreciated, Im really looking for the price range of this gun, and also some instructions because i cant seem to...
  19. First Gun Suggestions?

    General Gun Discussion
    My little cousins birthday is coming up soon and I'm thinking about buying a gun for him. I'm leaning towards getting him a .22 rifle. Any suggestions help!
  20. Bad Ammo?

    Handloading and Reloading
    I have a box of Remington .22lr and all the bullets seem to be loose from the casing. Some only slightly, while others you can spin in a full circle in the casing. I don't notice any powder leaking out. Is this ammo safe? Maybe I just never noticed because I have never purchased a 550 round...